Medical certification ?

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Medical certification ? Empty Medical certification ?

Post by MathildeD on Wed 1 Oct - 13:14

Hi, it's Mathilde

Like I said in an other post, I practice gymnastic. In France, and in my club, for doing physical activities, you must see the doctor who tell you if you can or not practice the activity that you want ! We call it the medical certification!
In my club, you must do a new certificate every years !
When I went to the doctor for my certificate, he examined me :
- He heard my hearth rate.
- He weighted and measured me.
- He watched my vertebral column.
- He took my blood pressure.
And it was finish ! Smile

For school, you don't need a certificate medical but, if you have a problem ( injury, broken bone, ... ) the medicine give us a dispensation for not doing sport!! Our dispensation it's the same for sport in club. I hate that !!!  Evil or Very Mad

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Medical certification ? Empty Re: Medical certification ?

Post by Anna V on Mon 20 Oct - 12:11

Like mathilde has already said, we must make a medical certification. It's for the club, if something happen to someone (if we hurt ourselves,...) we have the certificate, so it mean that the doctor said: "I can do sport".Very Happy
this certificate is also to detect any cardiovascular disease, which is really dangerous to do sport if we have it. No

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